Pelibuey sheep

Ovis aries

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: Ovis
Specie: Ovis aries
Conservation status:
The Pelibuey (also known as Cubano Rojo) is a breed of domestic sheep raised in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. The Pelibuey is a breed of hair sheep, meaning they do not generally grow wool. This adaptation makes them especially useful for tropical environments where heavily wooled sheep do not thrive. The breed is thought to originate in Africa, specifically from the West African Dwarf sheep. This breed is primarily raised for meat.
Pelibuey is a breed of sheep that usually does not breed wool (flayed); This adaptation makes it especially useful in tropical environments where sheep with wool do not survive. Males lack horns, unlike wool sheep. It is a breed bred especially in hot climates for the consumption of its meat and the obtaining of manure of first quality.
The breed is native to Africa, from the African dwarf sheep. It was also used by the natives of the Canary Islands, from where it was extinguished until the 1990s, when specimens from Venezuela were reintegrated, mainly for the consumption of the remains of banana trees and the obtaining of a good manure. At present (2015) their breeding is being implemented strongly since the meat is like the lamb (sheep) but with less fat.
Ovis aries breeds on a seasonal basis, determined by day length, with females (ewes) first becoming fertile in the early fall and remaining fertile through midwinter. Estrus cycles range between 14 and 20 days with 17 as the average. Females are in heat on average for 30 hours. Males (rams) are fertile year round and most domestic sheep breeders use 1 ram to 25 to 35 ewes. Gestation averages 148 days with most lambs born in mid spring. One or two lambs, which are able to stand and suckle within a few minutes of birth, are born to each ewe. Both male and female lambs reach sexual maturity within one year.
pelibuey sheep are extremly versitile and exist in a wide variety of habitats worldwide ranging from temperate mountain forests to desert conditions.
Geographic Range
Pelibuey sheep live worldwide in association with humans. The first domesticated sheep resided mainly in the Middle East and Central Asia but since then have been introduced everywhere.

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